TriDef SmartCam for XSplit User Guide

Use TriDef SmartCam to remove your background in XSplit Gamecaster or XSplit Broadcaster. Just select TriDef SmartCam from XSplit’s camera settings.

To get the best results out of TriDef SmartCam, please read the Tips section below.

Getting Started

Download TriDef SmartCam from and run the installer. After installation you will be asked to enter an activation code or start a 7 day trial. Please refer to the Activation page for details.

XSplit Broadcaster

Launch Broadcaster as usual and add TriDef SmartCam as a webcam source by clicking SourcesDevicesVideoTriDef SmartCam.

Complete your presentation by adding a game capture source and place yourself on top of the game.

XSplit Gamecaster

Launch Gamecaster as usual, and select the Settings tab. In the Devices section, click the Camera pull down list and select TriDef SmartCam.

You’ll now see yourself in front of a black background. When you switch to your game, the black area will be transparent, so the game itself will be visible instead of your background!


When TriDef SmartCam is selected, the TriDef SmartCam application will be launched. The application allows you to choose between removing the background, replacing it with an image, or blurring it. Various settings are also available. See the TriDef SmartCam user guide page for details.


To get the best results out of TriDef SmartCam:

  1. Don’t have light behind you. Light coming from behind you, even through a window, makes your face appear darker.
  2. Use even lighting, ideally with light facing you, such as a desk lamp.
  3. Wear clothes that contrast with your background. Wearing white clothes in front of a white wall makes it difficult for SmartCam to detect you.