TriDef SmartCam for Mac User Guide

Use TriDef SmartCam to replace or SmartBlur your background in video chat applications such as Skype. Just select TriDef SmartCam wherever you see a list of cameras.

To get the best results out of TriDef SmartCam, please read the Tips section below.

Getting Started

Download TriDef SmartCam for Mac from and run the installer. After installation you will be asked to enter an activation code or start a 7 day trial. Please refer to the Activation page for details.

After activation, a TriDef SmartCam window will appear, allowing you to select a different background image, apply a live filter or modify various settings. This window can also be launched by clicking TriDef SmartCam in Launchpad.

Open your video chat application and look for list of webcams.

Which applications are compatible with TriDef SmartCam for Mac?


If you’re using Skype for Mac, click Skype → Preferences.

Choose Audio/Video, then select TriDef SmartCam from the camera list.

You’ll now see yourself in front of a beach scene, like this!


TriDef SmartCam’s new SmartBlur feature can improve privacy and make you stand out by intelligently blurring the background. Click the SmartBlur tab and adjust the slider to increase or decrease the amount of blur.

Background Images

Several background images come pre-installed with TriDef SmartCam. Click the Background → Image tab, then click one of the images to select it. Alternatively, click the plus sign to add one of your own images. Various image file types are supported including .jpg and .png. For best results choose an image with a resolution of 1280×720 or higher.

If you want to temporarily display the real background, click the No Image tile:

Click and drag an image to move it to a new position. Right-click an image and choose Delete to remove the image from the list, or press the Delete key to remove the selected image.

Background Colours

Solid colours can also be used as a background instead of an image. For example, if the app you’re using supports chroma keying, select green to make it look like you’re standing in front of a green screen.

Click the plus sign to add any other colour to the list using a colour picker.

Live Filters

TriDef SmartCam includes several filters that can be applied to the live webcam video. Click the Filter tab, then select one of the filter thumbnails. The live filter will be applied to both the foreground and the background, whether it’s the real background or an image.

To turn off live filters, click the No Filter tile:

Move your mouse over each thumbnail to view the filter’s name. The Rebalance filter adjusts the foreground lighting to help you blend into the background in a more realistic way. Other filters provide a variety of artistic effects.


Settings are available to control various apsects of TriDef SmartCam.

If you have multiple cameras, select the one you wish to use from the Camera list.

The Quality setting allows you to trade off image quality for processing speed. A higher quality setting will result in more accurate foreground detection, but requires more processing. This results in higher CPU usage and can cause your battery to drain quicker. Choosing a lower quality setting reduces the processing time, but may also impact image quality.

TriDef SmartCam’s background replacement can operate in one of two modes. In Normal mode, SmartCam will detect you and any movement in the background. Other people moving in the background will be included, as will your arms and other objects that are in motion. This may not be desirable in some circumstances, particularly in public settings such as a cafe or library.

For those occasions, Head & Shoulders Only mode would be more suitable. In this mode only you will be visible, specifically your face and upper torso. Arms usually wont be visible in this mode, and neither will objects or people behind you. Tick the Show head and shoulders only checkbox to select this mode.

For smoother foreground edges, adjust the Edge Smoothing setting as desired.

Click the Restore Defaults button to return the above settings to their original values.


To get the best results out of TriDef SmartCam:

  1. Don’t have light behind you. Light coming from behind you, even through a window, makes your face appear darker.
  2. Use even lighting, ideally with light facing you, such as a desk lamp.
  3. Wear clothes that contrast with your background. Wearing white clothes in front of a white wall makes it difficult for SmartCam to detect you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which applications are compatible with TriDef SmartCam for Mac?

TriDef SmartCam for Mac works with almost all Mac applications that use a webcam, including the following:

OBS Studio
Photo Booth
Skype for Mac

If you encounter a problem using TriDef SmartCam with another application, please contact TriDef Support and we’ll try to fix it.