TriDef SmartCam for AVerMedia User Guide

Use TriDef SmartCam to remove your background in AVerMedia RECentral 2. Just select TriDef SmartCam from RECentral’s webcam settings page.

To get the best results out of TriDef SmartCam, please read the Tips section below.

Getting Started

Download TriDef SmartCam for AVerMedia from and run the installer. After installation you will be asked to enter an activation code or start a 14 day trial. Please refer to the Activation page for details.


TriDef SmartCam is integrated into AVerMedia RECentral version and newer.

To enable TriDef SmartCam, launch RECentral as usual, create a scene containing a camera source. Click the camera source’s edit icon , then select the “Remove…” tab. Select TriDef SmartCam from the Background Removal list.


When TriDef SmartCam is selected, several advanced settings are also made available.

TriDef SmartCam’s background replacement can operate in one of two modes. In Normal mode, SmartCam will detect you and any movement in the background. Other people moving in the background will be included, as will your arms and other objects that are in motion. This may not be desirable in some circumstances, particularly in public settings.

For those occasions, Head & Shoulders Only mode would be more suitable. In this mode only you will be visible, specifically your face and upper torso. Arms usually wont be visible in this mode, and neither will objects or people behind you. Tick the Keep only head and shoulders checkbox to select this mode.

The Quality setting allows you to trade off image quality for processing speed. A higher quality setting will result in more accurate foreground detection, but requires more processing. This results in higher CPU usage which can reduce your game’s frame rate.


To get the best results out of TriDef SmartCam:

  1. Don’t have light behind you. Light coming from behind you, even through a window, makes your face appear darker.
  2. Use even lighting, ideally with light facing you, such as a desk lamp.
  3. Wear clothes that contrast with your background. Wearing white clothes in front of a white wall makes it difficult for SmartCam to detect you.