TriDef 3D Media Player

With TriDef 3D Media Player you can:

  • Play TriDef 3D format files including TriDef 3D Movies and TriDef 3D Photos
  • Watch standard definition 2D DVDs in amazing high impact 3D
  • Play 3Di DVDs
  • Play a wide variety of open format 3D media files (.mpg, .jpg, etc)
  • Play your own 2D media files (.mpg, .jpg, etc) in 3D

Simply insert a DVD and choose “Play DVD Movie in 3D”, or right-click a supported media file in Windows Explorer and choose “Play with TriDef 3D Media Player”.

You can also run TriDef 3D Media Player from:

Start → All Programs → TriDef → TriDef 3D Media Player.

Alternatively, click the browse thumbnail on the 3D Videos or 3D Photos page of TriDef 3D.


Move your mouse to the bottom or top of the screen for access to these controls.

  1. Back
  2. Open File
  3. 3D File Format
  4. Toggle playback repeat mode[1]
  5. Previous Item/Chapter
  6. Movie Progress/Seek Bar
  7. Toggle Play/Pause
  8. Next Item/Chapter
  9. Adjust volume, toggle mute/unmute (popup slider)
  10. Adjust 3D Scene Depth (popup slider)
  11. Adjust Percent In Front (popup slider)
  12. Minimize Window
  13. Switch to Windowed Mode
  14. Exit
  15. Pin/unpin control bar

[1] The available options for playback repeat mode are:

Icon Mode
Play All Files Play All Files
Repeat Single File Repeat Single File
Repeat All Files Repeat All Files
Play Single File Play Single File

DVD Playback

To play a DVD, simply insert it in the DVD drive and choose “Play DVD Movie in 3D” (the AutoPlay dialog may take a few moments to appear).

Alternatively, choose “Watch a DVD in 3D” from TriDef 3D or press F4 from within TriDef 3D Media Player.

If the “Browse for Folder” dialog box appears, select your DVD drive.

For 3Di DVDs, change the DVD Input Type to “3Di (Left)” or “3Di (Right)” by pressing the “D” key.

See the DVD Navigation section below for a list of DVD shortcuts keys.

Supported Media Files

TriDef 3D Media Player supports a broad range of popular photo and video file formats. 2D files will automatically be played in 3D. 3D files may require renaming (see 3D File Formats). The following formats are supported under Windows 7:

Media Format File Extension
Photo .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .jps, .mpo, .png, .tga, .tif, .tiff, .tridefphoto
Windows Media Video .wmv, .wm
TriDefMovie .tridefmovie[2]
AVI .avi
MPEG-1 .mpg, .mpe, .mpeg, .m1v
MPEG Program Stream .mpg, .mpe, .mpeg, .mod, .m2v, .mp2v, .mpv2
Microsoft Recorded TV .dvr-ms, .wtv
Advanced Streaming Format .asf
MPEG-4 .mp4, .m4v, .mov, .mp4v
3GP .3g2, .3gp, .3gp2, 3gpp

Note: Support for certain media formats may be limited under Windows Vista and Windows XP. Media formats such as AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG Program Stream, ASF, MPEG-4 and 3GP can contain video or audio streams that are not supported natively by the Windows operating system. In the event that TriDef 3D Media Player cannot play a particular video file it may be necessary to install additional codecs on your system.

If appropriate DirectShow filters are installed additional video formats can be supported, including, but not limited to:

Media Format File Extension
MPEG Transport Stream .m2ts, .ts, .m2t, .mts, .tts

Keyboard Shortcuts


Space or P Toggle Play/Pause
Esc Quit
I Information
Shift+I Information (Detailed)
F5 Refresh
F3 or Ctrl+O Open a Media File
F4 or Ctrl+D Open a DVD
Alt+Enter Toggle Full Screen/Windowed Mode
C Toggle Control Bar On/Off

Alt+Shift+A Cycle anti-alias options:

  • Full Image: Smooths image according to scale.
  • Mask Compensation: Reduces jagged lines when using line interlaced/FPR 3D displays.


2 2D
3 3D
, Percent In Front Decrease
. Percent In Front Increase
< Percent In Front Decrease (Fast)
> Percent In Front Increase (Fast)
[ Scene Depth Decrease
] Scene Depth Increase
{ Scene Depth Decrease (Fast)
} Scene Depth Increase (Fast)

Media Navigation

Left Seek Backwards 5 seconds (1 frame when paused)
Right Seek Forwards 5 seconds (1 frame when paused)
Down Seek Backwards 20 seconds (10 frames when paused)
Up Seek Forwards 20 seconds (10 frames when paused)
Page Down Next Item
Page Up Previous Item
Home First Item
End Last Item
E Next playback repeat mode (Play All Files, Repeat Single File, Repeat All Files, Play Single File)

DVD Navigation

D Next DVD Input Type:

  • 2D
  • 3Di (Left)
  • 3Di (Right)
  • Side by Side (Left-Right)
  • Side by Side (Right-Left)
Shift+D Previous DVD Input Type
B Restore DVD Bookmark
Shift+B Save DVD Bookmark
M DVD Root Menu
Shift+M DVD Title Menu
Shift+C DVD Chapter Menu
Page Up Previous Chapter
Page Down Next Chapter
Arrow Keys, Enter DVD Menu Navigation
S Next Subtitle
Shift+S Previous Subtitle

Auto 3D

Ctrl+3 Toggle Auto 3D style:

  • Drama (Default): Best style for general movie and photo content
  • Action: Improved motion tracking for fast scenes
  • Nature: Best style for outdoor natural scenery
Alt+Shift+E Toggle Extreme Quality On/Off

Basic Zoom Controls

+ Zoom in to next zoom level
Zoom out to previous zoom level
Scroll Wheel Up Zoom in by 20% (5% if Alt key is held down)
Scroll Wheel Down Zoom out by 20% (5% if Alt key is held down)
1 Zoom to 100% of the original content size (ie, 1:1 pixel mapping)
/ Zoom to fit window

These zooms all relate to the contents of the window (ie, they are relative to the image/video’s original resolution).

The scroll wheel will zoom in/out about the current mouse cursor position. So, place the mouse cursor over a region of interest (eg, a person’s face), then use the scroll wheel to zoom in on that region.

Zooming with +,- will always zoom about the centre of the content.

Holding down the Ctrl key with any of the above (except “/”) will resize the window to fit around the content.

Holding down the Shift key with the above will ‘lock’ the zoom until another zoom action is performed (normally the zoom is not locked, resulting in the next image/video fitting to window by default)

The zoom levels referred to above (for +,-) are 1%, 2%, 4%, 6.3%, 8.3%, 12.5%, 16.7%, 25%, 33.3%, 50%, 66.7%, 100%, 150%, 200%, 300%, 400%, 600%, 800%, 1200%, 1600%, 2400%, 3200%, 4800%, 6400%.

In addition to these, the zoom level that would result in the contents fitting the window is also dynamically added to this list. For example if zooming the source to 110% would fit the window, then the list is … 100%, 110%, 150%…

Press Shift+I to show the Advanced Information panel. The “Zoom” entry on this panel shows the content’s current zoom level.

Pan Controls

Middle Mouse Button Click and drag to pan the content
Left Mouse Button While in fullscreen mode, click and drag to pan the content
Ctrl + Arrow Keys Pan left/right/up/down
Ctrl + Mouse Move While holding the Ctrl key, move the mouse to pan the content

Double-clicking the middle mouse button will return the content to its original position (ie, centred and fitted to the window)

Additional Zoom Controls

? Zoom window to fit content
Alt+1 Zoom to 50% of the original content size
Alt+2 Zoom to 100% of the original content size
Alt+3 Zoom to 200% of the original content size
Ctrl+` Zoom to 50%, with window resize
Ctrl+1 Zoom to 100%, with window resize
Ctrl+2 Zoom to 200%, with window resize
Shift+1 Zoom to 100%, locked across media change
Shift+2 Zoom to 200%, locked across media change
Shift+3 Zoom to 300%, locked across media change
Ctrl+/ Lock in the current zoom

Window Resizing Controls

When resizing the window using the mouse, hold down the Alt key to resize the window about its centre. Hold down the Ctrl key to lock the window aspect ratio to that of the content (and fit the content to the window). Holding down Ctrl and Alt will do both of these simultaneously.