TriDef 3D User Guide

This online user guide relates to the Retail version of TriDef 3D software (purchased from our online store). If you are using a 3D notebook, 3D monitor or 3D all-in-one PC which licenses an OEM version of TriDef 3D software, then please consult the user guide installed on your system by choosing:

Start → All Programs → TriDef → TriDef 3D User Guide.

Getting Started

TriDef 3D software enables the viewing of movies, photos and games in 3D. The latest TriDef 3D software can be downloaded from After installation you will be asked to enter an activation code or start a 14 day trial. Please refer to the Activation page for details.

Run TriDef 3D by clicking “TriDef 3D” on the Desktop, or from:

Start → All Programs → TriDef → TriDef 3D.

To use TriDef 3D, simply click the icon representing your desired action.

Watch 3D Videos
Watch a DVD in 3D
View 3D Photos
Play 3D Games

Please click one of the above links for more information, or jump directly to one of the following sections:

TriDef 3D Media Player

TriDef 3D Ignition

Frequently Asked Questions