Frequently Asked Questions

TriDef 3D Media Player

Why do I receive the following error: "The media file cannot be played. Either it does not contain a video stream, or the required DirectShow filters are not installed."?

This error occurs if a video file cannot be played due to missing DirectShow codecs.

Download a DirectShow codec pack to provide support for a wide range of additional media formats. To find the most popular codec packs simply Google "DirectShow codec pack". Alternatively, to identify the most appropriate DirectShow codec for a specific media file download a DirectShow codec identifier: Google "DirectShow codec identifier" or download one of these applications:

Such applications typically identify the codecs used in a particular media file and provide suitable download links for installing the necessary components to play back the video file.

Why do I receive the following error: "A supported DVD video decoder could not be found..."?

To play a DVD using TriDef 3D Media Player, a DVD video decoder must be installed on your system. The following third party applications include a DVD video decoder that is compatible with TriDef 3D Media Player:

What is a 3Di DVD?

A number of 3D DVD titles containing stereoscopic video are available commercially. Such disks may be described as High-Quality Field Sequential (HQFS), field sequential 3D or 3D interlaced (3Di).

TriDef 3D Media Player can play these DVDs but due to a lack of standards you must press "D" to set the DVD Input Type to one of the following:

  • 2D
  • 3Di (Left)
  • 3Di (Right)
Are Blu-ray Discs supported?

No, TriDef 3D Media Player only supports standard definition DVDs.

Can I watch streaming videos directly from the internet using TriDef 3D Media Player?

TriDef 3D Media Player does not support video streaming. Instead, please download the video if it is a supported media file, right click the file and select "Play with TriDef 3D Media Player".

Why do some videos not play smoothly in 3D?

3D video playback requires more processing power than an equivalent 2D video. High definition video and complex codecs may be difficult to process smoothly. For 2D videos, try changing the Auto 3D mode using "Ctrl+3", or try an alternative video codec.