TriDef Support

To learn how to use TriDef software, please read the Online User Guide.

For further assistance, before submitting a Support Request please:

MSI Notebook users: There is a known issue with MSI notebooks that many have shipped without the integrated camera 'activated'. To activate the camera, you need to press the Function and F6 keys to toggle the camera on. An icon will appear to show the activation status. Your built-in camera should work with or without the TriDef SmartCam software. We encourage you to activate the trial of TriDef SmartCam (select TRY on the activation menu) to expand the capability of your web camera during video conferencing and/or game-casting.

Support Request

Please be advised that support is available in English only. If you are using an OEM version of TriDef software (included on a CD, or pre-installed on your PC) then please contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Please ensure your TriDef software is up to date before submitting a support request.

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