TriDef 3D (HP 2311gt 3D Monitor) 1.0.7

Download 35.93 MB(2012-10-11)

TriDef 3D (HP 2311gt 3D Monitor) is a special version of TriDef 3D software intended for use with the HP 2311gt 3D monitor only.

This update contains the following components:

  • TriDef 3D Ignition 3.6.6

Release Notes

Changes in 1.0.7

  • TriDef 3D Ignition now supports over 680 games
  • Improved the user interface, making it easier to add new games. Double-click the "Add Game" icon to launch the new Add Game wizard. In most cases this will detect the new game automatically (like the previous "Scan" button). If not, the wizard will guide you through the process of adding a game manually
  • Improved support for Windows 8