TriDef 3D (AOC Monitor) 1.2.1

Download 76.15 MB(2013-07-18)

TriDef 3D (AOC Monitor) is a special version of TriDef 3D software intended for use with compatible AOC 3D monitors only.

Supported 3D Monitors:

  • E2352PZ
  • E2352PHZ
  • D2352P
  • E2752PHZ
  • D2752P

This update contains the following components:

  • TriDef 3D Ignition 3.6.17
  • TriDef 3D Media Player 7.2.65

Release Notes

Changes in 1.2.1

  • TriDef 3D Ignition now supports over 790 games. New games include SimCity, Metro: Last Light, BioShock Infinite and several Chinese online games.
  • Fixed an issue affecting League of Legends (英雄联盟) on Windows XP.

Changes in 1.2

  • TriDef 3D Ignition now supports over 750 games. New games include Assassin's Creed III, Hawken, and DmC Devil May Cry.
  • TriDef 3D Media Player now supports automatic 3D format detection. Videos containing side-by-side or top-bottom 3D layouts (ie, lr, lrq, ab, abq) will now be detected automatically. The 3D File Format popup can still be used to select the 3D format manually, however the automatic detection should work for most clips.

Changes in 1.1.9

  • TriDef 3D Ignition now supports over 700 games
  • Improved the user interface, making it easier to add new games. Double-click the "Add Game" icon to launch the new Add Game wizard. In most cases this will detect the new game automatically (like the previous "Scan" button). If not, the wizard will guide you through the process of adding a game manually